A few benefits of working with An Angel's Gift:

Low FeesAn Angel's Gift, Inc. offers one of the lowest fees in the industry. Agency fees start at $4,400.00 when clients take advantage of our $500 cash.
Less RiskThe Agency Fee is fully refundable if your Donor does not initially receive conditional non- medical approval from your IVF Physician (based on her in depth profile and medical records if available) making your out of pocket expense $0!

The Agency Fee is refundable in part or in whole under most circumstances including failed medical screening, Donor negligence or withdrawal, or recipient parent withdrawal.
FinancingAn Angel's Gift has partnered with Medicalfinancing.com and Unitedmedicalcredit.com and to allow patients to finance agency fees and donor expenses. Ideal for clients who are unable to afford the costs associated with a donor egg cycle out of pocket.
A Second Chance ProgramAs heart breaking as it is, we all know that not every IVF cycle is successful. That's why we offer our Second Chance Program. If you complete an entire cycle with An Angel's Gift and it does not result in a viable pregnancy and birth, AAG will match you for one more cycle for half the Agency fee.
Introducing our Compassionate Donors program!!
Ultimately, egg donors set their own compensation. We adhere to the ASRM guidelines regarding donor compensation and ask our first time donors to not ask for more than $5,000.00. However, many of our Angels have taken an altruistic stand and are requesting less than first time donor compensation ($3,000.00 - $4,500.00 on average).


Our donor angels are bright, attractive, healthy females between the ages of 21-33. While some programs accept women as young as 19, we follow the ASRM suggestion that the donor be a minimum age of 21 so we know she is mature enough to understand her commitment to the process.

Our donors are college graduates (two year degree, completed professional certification or more) or are currently enrolled in college. We only make exceptions in rare instances.

Our Donors are extensively screened* (non-medical). Less than 10% of applicants are invited to fill out an in-depth donor questionnaire.

Finally, our Donors are interviewed over the telephone prior to her profile being published to ensure she understands her commitment to the process and the financial and emotional struggles faced by intended parents pursuing egg donation.
*An important note about the Egg Donors in our database:  An Angel's Gift, Inc. has made every effort possible to present you with a versified database of healthy, attractive, educated Donor Angels. However, it is important to note that we do not substantiate the information contained within individual donor profiles. It is therefore imperative that you rely on the professionals of the psychological and medical fields to verify your donor's information pertaining to all physical and mental health related items presented in your donor's profile. An Angel's Gift, Inc. is always happy to obtain copies of transcripts, test scores, or other verifiable documents from your donor at your request.