Average costs:  $13,475.00 - $26,501.00 
Average egg yield: 18 mature
Time frame: 3-6 months
Average costs:   $14,500
Eggs: 6 per lot
Time frame: 2-3 weeks
Pros: Choosing a fresh egg donation cycle allows you to choose the donor characteristics from a larger database of available donors to more closely match the recipients own (or desired) characteristics. While the average mature egg yield is 18, some donors produce 20 - 30 mature eggs giving recipients a chance at having more high quality embryos. More ideal for recipients who plan to have more than one fully genetically related child.
Cons: While rare, egg donors could fail screening and recipients would have to choose a new donor. In this instance recipients would lose time and money spent on medical screening up to that point. Costs are variable and depend on the donor and donor location. Contact us for a quote specific to your chosen donor. 
Pros: Giving existing embryos a chance at life.
Cons: No genetic relation
Pros: Cost is set and not variable.  Guarantee of 6 mature eggs. Faster option for recipients who do not want to wait for a fresh egg donor cycle. No failed screening for egg donors as screening has already been done. 
Cons: Smaller database to choose from when selecting specific characteristics. Less ideal for recipients who wish to have more than one genetically related child but does not preclude this as a possibility depending on how many quality embryos are created, or if parents purchase more than one lot from the same donor. 
Average costs:   $5,720.00 - $10,130.00
Embryos: Number Varies - average 2-6
Time Frame: 1-2 months