Photograph Tips
About Profile PhotosThe first item that will attract intended parents to your profile is your photographs. Intended Parents will browse through many different profiles through different agencies searching for their ideal match, and most of the time they’re simply glancing through photographs. If they don’t see photos to initially attract them, chances are they won’t take the extra effort to read through your profile.

Make yourself stand out from the crowd with beautiful, flattering photographs!
Professional photos are always best!
Include photos of yourself smiling. Even if you ‘don’t like your smile’, nine times out of ten a big beautiful smile will get you noticed. It makes you look happy and full of life!
Photos of you wearing modest clothing. Intended parents want to think of their donor as a sweet, well rounded girl - not a mischievous play boy model.
Bright colored clothing usually stands out.
Include photographs with your natural hair color – If you’re a blonde but include a photograph with your hair dyed brown, intended parents who are searching for a blonde donor will skip over your profile picture. While your in depth profile does reflect your natural hair color, if your profile photo does not show the same intended parents won’t make it far enough to “read up” on your natural hair color.
Photos that show your interests – if you enjoy going to parks, museums, rock climbing, coffee shops, traveling, etc… make sure you send a few photos of you surrounded by the things you enjoy in life!
Photos That Won't Get You NoticedGrainy or pixelated cell phone or computer camera photos
“Duck Lip” Photos
Bathroom mirror photos
Dark Photos
Tiny photos
Photos taken from too far away, or at strange angles
Unflattering photos
Photo shopped photos that skew colors, dimensions, and proportions, etc...
Multiple similar photos of yourself that simply show different expressions or angles. Variety is the spice of life!
One of the main items of feedback we constantly hear from intended parents on donor photographs is “She looks like someone I could be friends with”. Do your photos reflect a girl with a big heart, a sweet smile, and modest and/or bright colored clothing to generate a sense of friendliness? Remember, your PHOTOS are the selling point of your profile!!

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