Women who choose to donate their eggs typically have a mixture of altruistic and financial motives. Most women who choose to help infertile couples have known others struggling with infertility, or are parents themselves and could not imagine what it would be like to have difficulty getting pregnant. However, we firmly believe donors should be compensated accordingly for their time and effort.

First time egg donor compensation offered with An Angels Gift is $6,000 upon cycle completion. Though not mandatory, first time donors may increase their chances of getting selected with a lower compensation request. Compensation can increase after your first donation. A multitude of factors are taken into consideration when justifying higher compensation amounts such as previous donation results, physical attributes, and education credentials (college degrees, above average IQ’s, LSAT's, or high SAT scores).

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s ethical guidelines previously stated that $5,000 donor compensation requires justification and that any amount exceeding $10,000 is unethical. In recent times the ASRM removed this language from their guidelines. However, we still believe these are guidelines to be reasonable and we ask donors to consider the financial situation of infertile couples as well as the 'norms' of compensation requests among other candidates in a donor pool. 

Federal law prohibits the selling of human gametes. The Donor compensation is not payment for the Oocytes (eggs) themselves, but for your effort and time involved in a donation cycle as well as pain and discomfort associated with cycle medications and retrieval.

Donors will receive $750.00 at the commencement of injectable medications. The remainder of the compensation amount will be paid upon completion of the retrieval procedure.

Additional Opportunities

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